Engineering – Historically, military engineers designed weapons and civil engineers designed everything else.  Although we are slightly more focused than ‘everything else,’ we do provide a broad range of services ranging from industrial, commercial, and residential site planning and design to hydrology, GIS mapping, and earth dam design.  If your project involves earth, water, or infrastructure, we can likely assist you in moving it forward.

Surveying – We make use of today’s most advanced GPS, drone imagery, and total station equipment to collect information about the physical world and we use Autodesk, Pix4D, and Virtual Surveyor software to provide you with documents and information needed to describe real estate, establish a property line, perform earthwork,  generate a site concept, or analyze a utility system.  Surveying is the tool needed to map the world or to place your designs onto it.  It’s the paper-to-earth translator.  Some services we provide are:

  • Boundary surveying – locating and retracing existing boundary lines
  • Property subdivision – creation of new parcels and new boundary lines
  • Construction staking – layout of your site plans to guide contractors in construction
  • Flood Certifications – measurement of your home or structure for flood insurance purposes

Soils Classification – Onsite sewage management systems are common throughout Georgia, particularly outside of urban areas.  But septic systems won’t work if installed in the wrong soil.  So we install soil borings and map your site to determine the best location for your system and provide Level III soil reports to enable septic system permitting.

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