Land Surveying

For 22 years, Jordan Engineering has provided the surveying services listed below.  Our service range is generally within 90 minutes of Monticello, which means we cover most of the area Atlanta to Macon and Griffin to Greensboro.

  • Boundary surveying – using deed and plat research and field evidence to re-establish existing property boundary lines, to establish new property division lines, and to create boundary survey plats for use as a legal description when transferring real estate.
  • Topographic surveying and base mapping – data collection and existing conditions map preparation for use in design by engineers or architects.  ‘Topo’ surveying usually includes locating utilities and other above-ground features along with boundary lines and ground surface elevations.
  • Construction staking – we place stakes at a construction sites based on design drawings to aid contractors and builders in clearing, grading, erosion control, and infrastructure construction such as roads, storm drains, and ponds.
  • Asbuilt surveying – record horizontal and vertical locations of new infrastructure at time of completion to both verify the accuracy and completeness of the construction and to document locations of underground utilities for future reference.
  • Aerial Mapping – we employ drone imagery for capture of great detail in a short time in areas that are difficult to reach or dangerous to survey.
  • Flood certification – collection of elevation data related to a water body and a structure, usually a residence or business, to determine the FEMA flood status for insurance purposes.